Favourite artworks of April 2018.


Favourite artworks of April 2018.

I have limited myself to 10 artworks.

The only things I had to check where:

  • It had to be made / posted (not reposted!) in April 2018.
  • I follow the artist.

I had a lot of art I love from this month and I had a very hard time choosing only 10!  

Under the list, I'll say why I love it so much and choose it for the favorite of the month!

The name of the artist (blue) is the link to their instagram, the post (pink) is the link to the post, please give them some love! <3

There is no order in the list.

My opinions:

Sherlaya.art: It is original, it looks so good and it is colourful! It looks both real and unreal and I cannot get my mind of clear if it is real or unreal!
Artoferbest: I love the idea, you have done the idea very good and it looks very cute!
Jemooshka: It looks super good, original, the colours match exactly with the drawing and the love the mix of animal, human (fairy?) and plant!
Zendi_loxerii: I love your OC, they look beautiful and the detail is super well made!
Ashcoloured: I love how it comes over to me, it looks almost real and I love the look of the whole drawing, it comes very nice together!
Strawbreery: I can't look away! I see each time more detail and I love how you made it!
Miacat.illustrations: It looks so cute and I love the style it is made in!
Zafrean: I can't get my eyes of this drawing, I want to lay on a dragon too and cuddle the dragon and sleep next to it! The colours are exactly the right colours and match perfectly with this drawing!
S_trawberrymilk: It is so cute! And fluffy and sweet and I love the OC!
Dino_on_a_bicycle: The detail you put in your drawings are amazing, they always look real and it blows me away, every time I look at your art!

What are your 10 favourite artworks of the month April?

Please contact me to tell me, I love to meet new artists!

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